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Mark Smith - Election camaign WLSU VP of Recreation 2012/2013

The client: Mark Smith (a dear friend and former rugby Vice Captain of the Ealing Rangers, University of West London.

My role: Campaign and Account Manager for the ‘Keep Calm and Vote Mark Smith’ election team.


- Get Mark elected as the new VP of Recreation for West London Students’ Union.

- To get 400 people voting (previous year numbers were approximately 200-300 students voting)

- To involve both main campuses, as previous years failed to get students from Brentford campus involved in elections/ re-elections and only the Ealing Campus (where the students’ union is situated).

- To get at least 50 twitter followers (previously never had a twitter page for Mark Smith) and 50 retweets of ‘Vote Mark Smith’

- To get at least 200 facebook followers on new Vote for Mark Smith facebook group - Pre-election party to be held on the 06th of March 2012 at Paragon (UWL student halls of residence) with a minimum of 200 people attending.

- Dance group (as a surprise event for the pre-election party) with a minimum of 5 UWL dancers, allowing for UWL dance students to gain experience and use this for their CV.

Media list:

- The Edify - university monthly free magazine, in print version reaches all students.

- Blast radio - hosts a range of university radio shows and reaches a wider variety of UWL as well as outside publics in the Ealing and Brentford area.

Media tools:

Print media: an election profile (individual stories were not allowed as per election rules).

Radio: Blast radio debates with opponents and individual discussions with UWL radio personalities.

Social media: twitter page, facebook page, WLSU website.

Resources: All resources used for this campaign were friends of both the client and/or myself who were more than happy to help with the campaign.

This included:

Film and camera crew,


DJs & MCs,

Graphic designers,

Hip hope & RnB dancers (for a surprise event on the Paragon election party night)

Samples: Posters were done by a lovely lad from the graphics team so this didn’t account for any part of the budget (sigh of relief).

Outcome: Mark Smith was elected into power in March 2012 as VP of Recreation with a win margin of 50 points.

Comments: It was an absolutely unbelievable position and I look forward to re-electing Mark Smith next year. This was more a 24-hour job, which was exhausting but also absolutely exhilarating!

I loved having to liase with client and the rest of the team as well as all parties involved (opponents, other candidates, university staff and SU staff, media options, etc.) Definitely a wonderful experience as my first real PR campaign.

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